York MPs

Below is a list of MPs who have represented York since 1841.

For centuries the city traditionally sent two MPs to Westminster, although this stopped in 1918. However although the city had at that point been sending two MPs for over two hundred years, in 1483 the city was able to send four representatives to Parliament.

Charles Brunton Knight wrote regarding this, “On the 6th June [1483] a writ issued in the name of the boy-king Edward V was read at a meeting of the York City Council, which stated that a Parliament was to be held at Westminster on the 25th June, and calling on the city to send four members to it. The city had been represented in every Parliament held since the first was summoned in the days of King Henry III, two hundred years before; but had never sent other than two members. Four citizens were immediately appointed by the Council – there was no question of popular election – and it was arranged that two of them should have their wages for six days before the day fixed for Parliament to meet, to cover the time of their journey to London, and the other two for eight days, so that they might be present at the young King’s coronation, which was not appointed for the 24th June”. The joy of such representation was however short-lived, the order was cancelled on the 21st June.


2015- Rachael Maskell (Labour Party)
2010-2015 Hugh Bayley (Labour Party)


1992-2010 Hugh Bayley (Labour Party)
1983-1992 Conal Gregory (Conservative Party)
1966-1983 Alex Lyon (Labour Party)
1959-1966 Charles Longbottom (Conservative Party)
1950-1959 Sir Harry Hylton-Foster (Conservative Party)
1945-1950 John Corlett (Labour Party)
1937-1945 Charles Ingram Courtenay Wood (Conservative Party)
1931-1937 Roger Lumley (Conservative Party)
1929-1931 Frederick George Burgess (Labour Party)
1923-1929 John Marriott (Conservative Party)
1918-1923 John George Butcher (Conservative Party)

CITY OF YORK: (Two MPs represented York prior to 1918)
1910-1918 Arnold Stephenson Rowntree (Liberal Party)
1910-1918 John George Butcher (Conservative Party)
1906-1910 Hamar Greenwood (Liberal Party)
1900-1910 George Denison Faber (Conservative Party)
1892-1906 John George Butcher (Conservative Party)
1898-1900 Lord Charles Beresford (Conservative Party)
1885-1898 Frank Lockwood (Liberal Party)
1885-1892 Alfred Edward Pease (Liberal Party)
1883-1885 Sir Frederick Milner (Conservative Party)
1880-1885 Ralph Creyke (Liberal Party)
1880-1883 Joseph Johnson Leeman (Liberal Party)
1871-1880 George Leeman (Liberal Party)
1868-1871 Joshua Proctor Brown Westhead (Liberal Party)
1865-1880 James Lowther (Conservative Party)
1865-1868 George Leeman (Liberal Party)
1857-1865 Joshua Proctor Brown Westhead (Liberal Party)
1848-1857 William Mordaunt Edward Milner (Whig)
1847-1865 John George Smyth (Conservative Party)
1841-1848 Henry Galgacus Redhead Yorke (Whig)