York Guildhall

York Guildhall

York Guildhall was first constructed in the 1400s as a place for the various guilds in the city to meet.

In 1936, the Office of Works reported that damage to the Guildhall due to death watch beetles would cost 12,000 pounds to repair and take six years. However, York Guildhall was heavily bombed during the Baedeker Raids in Second World War, and substantial parts of the building were destroyed.

In 1957 it was confirmed that York Guildhall would be fully repaired at a cost of 131,380 pounds, with the War Damage Commission contributing 111,261 pounds. Local landowners donated large trees to replace the eight damaged pillars.

The Guildhall was rebuilt around the remains of the previous building and was re-opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1960. The roof bosses, in their fine colour, are more modern replicas of the originals.

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