York Butter Market

York Butter Market

From at least the mid fifteenth century the butter market took place at Micklegate, in front of St. Martin-cum-Gregory Church, usually on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but it was technically allowed on any day except for Sunday. In 1722 the importance of the industry was noted in an Act of Parliament which made York the official centre for the butter trade of the county.

In October 1828 the church-wardens requested that the butter market be demolished as it wasn’t used, with permission being granted the month after. The butter market had been erected here in 1778 to replaced the one which blew down in 1777, and was there to measure and mark the butter.

In 1889 a complaint was made by Dr. Wright about “the want of shelter at the butter market for the women who go there to sell” and he called for the introduction of dairy factories in every district to do away for the need of the butter market.

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