William Markham

William Markham was the 76th Archbishop of York, serving in the role from 1776 until 1807.

Markham was born in April 1719 and baptised in Cork, the eldest of four children of Major William Markham and Elizabeth Markham. He was educated at Westminster School and then Oxford University before taking a lectureship in rhetoric. He became the headmaster of Westminster School from 1753 until 1764, and in that time he became the Chaplain to George II in 1756.

Markham was appointed to the archbishopric of York in December 1776 and enthroned in January 1777. He served in the post until his death in November 1807, when he died at his house in South Audley Street, London. His body was interred at Westminster Abbey near to his late brother’s grave in the cloisters.

In an obituary in the York Herald published shortly after his death, it was noted that “in his person the Archbishop of York was tall and graceful, in his manners and address, extremely dignified; and in his conversation, instructive, entertaining, and lively; it is but justice to his memory to assert that he passed an honourable life in the service of his King, his country, and the church, with the additional lustre of every soicial and private virtue”.