University of York

In 1948, the Guardian reported that initial plans were being considered for a university in York, although it wasn’t until 1959 that a sub-committee was set up by the University Grants Committee to discuss its creation.

The University of York is a university founded in the city in 1963, starting with two hundred students. The university today has around 13,200 students and just over three thousand staff.

In 1964 the development of the Heslington campus began, with the marshy land being built on and a large lake being constructed. In 1961, the Rev Eric Milner-White had donated on behalf of the York diocese an area of land with the provisio that it must only contribute to the beauty of the site, and must not be built on.

The university has eight colleges, Derwent College, Langwith College, Alcuin College, Vanbrugh College, Goodricke College, Wentworth College, James College and Halifax College.