Stonebow is a relatively new street which was opened on 14th October 1955 as part of the slum clearance programme. Stonebow links Pavement to Peasholme Green and to allow the building of the street some of Hungate had to be demolished. The name of the street comes from an old medieval street on the same site, called Le Stainbowe or Stonebow Lane. When excavating the area to build the telephone exchange, which was the site of a wharf, the foundations of an old crane were found.

Looking out of place with the local architecture is Stonebow House was built in 1964, which David Wark described in the Guardian as “hideous” and Ian Nairn described in the Observer in 1965 as “sheer visual misery to the passer-by”. Stonebow House remains today, with its multi-storey car park, and the street remains one of the city centre’s few with so many concrete buildings.