Newspapers in York

The York Mercury was launched on the 23rd February 1719, published by Grace White. The paper was taken over by Thomas Gent in 1724, and it then carried the name of the Original York Journal or Weekly Courant, and then Original Mercury, York Journal or Weekly Courant. This newspaper was published until 1739.

The York Courant was published for a time by Ann Ward until 1789, and had offices on Coney Street, which later became the York Daily Herald offices. Her husband, Caesar Ward, had published the paper from its foundation in 1728 until his death in 1759, and in 1745 had been found guilty by the House of Commons for contemptuous reporting of Parliamentary proceedings.

In 1828 there were four newspapers in the city;

Chronicle – published each Thursday by William Blauchard of Coppergate
Courant – published each Tuesday by Thomas Stones of Coney Street
Herald – published each Saturday by William Hargrave & Co of 4, Pavement
Yorkshire Gazette – published each Saturday by J Wolstenholme of 11, Pavement

The Yorkshire Evening Press was founded by William Hargrove in 1882.

The York Herald was first published in 1790 and was to be published daily until 31st December 1936, and it then became a weekly newspaper called the Yorkshire Herald. The Herald had taken over the York Courant in 1848.

The York Star was established on 2nd February 1910 and was a weekly newspaper, which was published until 1938. A free newspaper of the same name was founded in the early 1980s, and is still published, but in its merged form of the York and Selby Star.