In 1070 Monkgate was known as Munecagate, and by 1154 it was known as Munkgate.

St. Maurice’s Church is situated on the corner of Monkgate and Lord Mayor’s Walk and was built in 1878 to replace a smaller church. This was in turn demolished in 1967, although the graveyard and gardens still remain.

The Grey Coat School was situated on the street and Monkgate was also the first home for the York County Hospital.

Businesses on Monkgate in 1834 included:

Mrs Clarkson’s Boarding House
Grey Coat School
John Tabor’s Boarding House
Anthony Whimp, Food Supplier, No. 21
Henry Othick, Blacksmith
Joseph Ellis, Bricklayer, No. 9
Francis Robinson, Coal Merchant
William Cawkill, Gardener
Sarah Barker, Hosiers, No. 20
William Briggs, Grocers
Ralph Todd, Grocers
John Flintoft, Stonemasons, No. 23
Bay Horse, Public House, No. 24
Black Horse, Public House, No. 34
Unicorn, Public House
George Mason, Tobacco Pipe Maker, No. 19