John George Butcher

John George Butcher

John George Butcher was the Member of Parliament for York from 1892 to 1906 and from 1910 to 1923. He was born in November 1853, the son of The Rt Hon and Rev Samuel Butcher, who was the Bishop of Meath.

Butcher was educated at Marlborough College, and then at Trinity College at Cambridge University. He was called to the bar in 1878 and obtained the silk in 1897. In 1898 he married Alice Mary, the daughter of Mr EL Brandreth and JFH Gordon.

He was awarded the honorary freedom of the City of York in 1906 and was elevated to the Peerage as the 1st Baron of Danesfort in 1924. His wife died in June 1929, and left no heir. He was very keen on hunting and shooting, but a firm supporter of animal rights and was the vice-chairman of the RSPCA. He was also strongly against vivisection and unsuccessfully attempted to introduce into the Lords measures to ban the exhibition and training of animals such as lions and tigers.

John George Butcher died on June 30th 1935, having resided at Whitehall Court in Westminster and Riccall Hall in Yorkshire. He left the sum in money and effects of 121,421 pounds in his will.

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