Hamar Greenwood

Hamar Greenwood

Hamar Greenwood, born in 1870, was the MP for York from 1906 until he at lost at the 1910 General Election. He had however been promoted to becoming the personal private secretary to Winston Churchill.

Greenwood was a Canadian by birth, and some of his political opponents criticised his stance as a free trade candidate given how the Canadian people heavily supported tariffs to protect their domestic industries.

Unlike the previous election where JG Butcher and GD Faber were elected unopposed, the 1906 General Election was contested, the result being a Liberal gain:

Mr Hamar Greenwood (Liberal) 6,413 [ELECTED]
Mr GD Faber (Conservative) 6,108 [ELECTED]
Mr JG Butcher (Conservative) 6,094
Mr GH Stuart (Labour) 4,573

Greenwood was however to return to the House of Commons at the second election in 1910, when he became the MP for Sunderland from 1910 until 1922 and the MP for Walthamstow East from 1924 until 1929. He also held the post of the Chief Secretary for Ireland from 1920 until 1922, and was the last holder of this post.

Hamar Greenwood was elevated to the Peerage in 1937 as Viscount Greenwood, and he was to die in September 1948.

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