Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes was born in York in 1570, and was to become better known as one of the key conspirators behind the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 which intended to blow up Parliament and the King.

Fawkes was born in Stonegate in the city on 13th April 1570, the son of Edward Fawkes and Edith Fawkes and he was educated at St. Peter’s School. His upbringing was primarily a Catholic one, and after leaving school he went to fight for the Catholic Spanish against the Dutch Republic.

In 1604 Fawkes joined in a plot which was being organised by Robert Catesby where Protestant King James I would be assassinated and succeeded by Princess Elizabeth. The plot led to the Gunpowder Plot, where it was intended to place in the crypt of Parliament large amounts of gunpowder, so that the King would be killed when he attended the State Opening of Parliament.

The plot was uncovered, and Fawkes was arrested with a number of other conspirators. Fawkes was tortured and finally admitted his intentions, and he was sentenced to death for high treason. He was executed on 31st January 1606 at Westminster, having been dragged there from the Tower of London.

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