Grey Coat School

Grey Coat School

In 1705 the City Corporation founded the Blue Coat School for Boys and the Grey Coat School for Girls.

The Grey Coat School opened at Marygate and catered for twenty poor girls over the age of eight to be accommodated, fed and educated.The primary subscribers to the project were Frances Thornhill and Mrs. Sharpe, wife of Archbishop John Sharpe.

Girls at the school were taught to read, sew, knit and were given a religious education. In 1784 the school moved from Marygate to Monkgate as more spaces was needed.

In 1929 girls from the school instead attended the Blue Coat School for their education although continued to live in the Monkgate premises. The Blue Coat School was closed in 1946 and pupils from both schools were educated elsewhere in the city, with the Grey Coat School offering accommodation for a short period before closing. The building which the school was housed is still present, at 60-62 Marygate.

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