Ghosts in York

Ghosts in York

Like other historic cities, York has its fair share of ghost stories and tales, and many hotels and attractions in the city regale visitors with various sightings which have taken place over the year. Ghosts tours started in the city in the 1970s, and are still going strong today.

One of the most well-known ghost sightings was at the Treasurer’s House when a young apprentice plumber called Harry Martindale was working in the cellar and saw a marching Roman army come through the wall. He only saw the soldiers from the knees up and it was later discovered that a Roman road was situated underneath the floor of the basement.

Other ghosts include one which appears at funeral held at All Saints Church at Pavement, the ghost of Thomas Percy who walks around without his head in the church of Holy Trinity on Goodramgate. Voices of children are heard at Bedern’s Ragged School.

The Golden Fleece claims to be the most haunted pub in the city, with the ghost of Lady Alice Peckett who walks around the corridors of the hotel at night. At the Old Star Inn on Petergate there have been reported sounds of wounded soldiers. The Snickleway Inn also claims to be the most haunted city pub, and they claim to have a ghost who sprinkles lavender, which is thought to have hidden the smell of plague victims.

Author Rob Kirkup has written a book, published in 2012 by Amberley Publishing, on his investigation into ghosts in the city. More information is available on the book reviews page.

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