Francis Place

Francis Place was an artist who was born in 1647 in Dinsdale, Durham and lived for much of his life in York. He died in 1728 and is buried in St. Olave’s Church in the city.

Place initially went to work in London as an attorney but he came back in 1665 following an outbreak of the plague in the capital. He turned down a job working as a draughtsman for the Royal Navy and instead travelled throughout Europe drawing and print making.

Many of the prints which Place made were between around 1675 and 1720, and many of them were used inĀ Francis Drake’s Eboracum. He also spent some time making pottery, and some of his work survives in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Following his death on 21st September 1728 at his home in York, the King’s Manor, his artwork was left to his family, and some of this was later made available to the Hospitalfield for Art and Culture, where two of his works can still be seen.