Churches in York

Below is a list of medieval churches in York. More information on each will be added to this site shortly.

All Saints Church (North Street)
All Saints Church (Pavement)
Holy Trinity (Goodramgate)
Holy Trinity (Micklegate)
St. Andrew (St. Andrewgate)
St. Crux (Pavement)
St. Cuthbert (Peaseholme Green)
St. Denys (Walmgate)
St. Helen (Stonegate)
St. John (Micklegate)
St. Lawrence (Lawrence Street)
St. Margaret (Walmgate)
St. Martin (Coney Street)
St. Martin (Micklegate)
St. Mary (Bishophill Junior)
St. Mary (Castlegate)
St. Michael (High Petergate)
St. Michael (Spuriergate)
St. Olave’s (Marygate)
St. Sampson (Church Street)
St. Saviour (St. Saviourgate)

Here is a partial list of churches which are no longer in existence.

St. Giles Church
St. Mary (Bishophill Senior)

Below is a list of churches in the city in the early fifteenth century:

All Hallows in the Pavement
All Hallows near Fishergate
All Hallows in North Street
All Hallows in Peaseholme
St. Andrew in St. Andrewgate
St. Clement in Fossgate
St. Cuthbert in Peaseholme
St. Crux or Holy Cross in Pavement
Holy Trinity in the King’s Court, or Christ Church
St. Denys in Walmgate
St. Edward in Lawrence Street
St. Gregory in Micklegate
St. Giles in Gillygate
St. George in Fishergate or at Beanhills
St. Helen on the Walls in Aldwark
St. Helen in Fishergate
St. Helen in Stonegate
St. John del Pyke in Ogleforth
St. John in Hungate
St. John the Evangelist at Ouse Bridge End
St. Laurence in Lawrence Street
St. Mary, Layerthorpe
St. Mary, Bishophill senior
St. Mary, Bishophill junior
St. Mary, Castlegate
St. Margaret, Walmgate
St. Martin, Micklegate
St. Martin, Coney Street
St. Maurice, Monkgate
St. Michael le Belfrey, Petergate
St. Michael, Spurriergate
St. Nicholas by Micklegate Bar
St. Nicholas, Lawrence Street
St. Olave, Marygate
St. Peter in the Willows near Walmgate Bar
St. Peter the Little in Peter Lane
St. Saviour in St. Saviourgate
St. Sampson in Girdlergate
Holy Trinity, Goodramgate
St. Wilfrid in Blake Street

(List partly produced by Charles Brunton Knight)

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