Blossom Street

Blossom Street

Blossom Street was originally called Ploxwaingate, meaning Ploughman’s Street, and it is also the location of a Roman cemetery. Primarily a residential street, the Rowntree family moved here in 1845.

There was an arson attack in 1894 which damaged two pubs on Blossom Street, The Windmill and The Lamb & Flag. The Lion & Lamb pub on the street was later renamed the Nickel & Dime, and is now a private home.

The street was the site of Forssellus Garage, which was the first garage which opened in the city. The owners attempted to open it in 1920 but it was refused by the city authorities, before they conceded that there was a need and in 1921 the garage had been given permission to open.

Some of the residents who lived in the street in 1834 were:

Thomas Barstow, lived at number 44
George Ellin
William Hotham, lived at number 45
Joshua Ingham
Mrs Elizabeth Janson, lived at number 13
Mrs Mary Kirk, lived at number 41
Joseph Marshall, lived at number 12
Samuel Mildred
Edward Prest, lived at number 43

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