7, Fairfax Street, York

7 Fairfax Street

This property was built in the mid 1800s, and found itself to be occupied by a variety of different families as the nineteenth century progressed.

In 1871

James Ward, aged 36, foreman on North Eastern Railway
Elizabeth Ward, aged 33
Anne Ward, aged 10
Ellen Ward, aged 8
Fanny Ward, aged 6
Ada Ward, aged 4
Hannah Ward, aged 1

In 1881

Henry Smithers, aged 31, joiner (died 26th June 1931 at 27 Sycamore Terrace in York, leaving effects in his will of £7,398 8s 11d to his son James Smithers)
Anne Smithers, aged 31, dressmaker
James Sydney Smithers, aged 5
George Smithers, aged 4
Mary Smithers, aged 65, widower (died 27th February 1888, leaving £180 3s 9d in her will)

In 1891

William Brown, aged 52, blacksmith’s labourer
Ann Brown, aged 54
Charles Brown, aged 23, painter
William Brown, aged 18, steam engine maker
John Brown, aged 15, general labourer

In 1901

George Tupman, aged 30, gas fitter on railways
Mary Tupman, aged 30 (moved to live at 10 Drake Street, York, she died 23rd January 1922, leaving £85 10s in her will)
Mary Tupman, aged 1
George Tupman, aged 3 weeks
Emma Cobb, niece of George Tupman, aged 3
Arthur Cockram, cousin of George Tupman, aged 11

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