1842 Bootham Ward List – Poll Book

1842 Bootham Ward List – Poll Book


These are the names of those living in the Bootham ward of York, who were eligible to vote either through the right of owning a property or a shop. This list will be completed in the near future.


1 Acton, George House and Shop Petergate
2 Addy, Christopher House Gillygate
3 Alderson, Jonathan House Bootham Row
4 Alderson, John House Bootham Square
5 Alderson, Richard Robinson House Precentor’s Court
6 Allen, James House Petergate
7 Allen, George House Bootham Square
8 Allen, William House St. Leonard’s Place
9 Anderson, Robert Henry House Petergate
10 Anderson, William Charles Tenements Coffee Yard
11 Anderson, Richard House and Shop Petergate
12 Andrews, Martin House Clarence Street
13 Appleyard, Phillip House Ogleforth
14 Askwith, William House Gillygate
15 Aspinall, James House Minster Gates
16 Atkinson, Robert House College Street
17 Ayton, Amos House Bedern
18 Bainbridge, John House Gillygate
19 Baker, Richard House Gillygate
20 Bakes, John House Lord Mayor’s Walk
21 Bannister, David House Bedern
22 Barker, Thomas Hanley House Minster Yard
23 Barnet, John Joseph House College Street
24 Bartholoman, Thomas House and Shop Petergate
25 Bateson, Joseph House and Shop Petergate
26 Bayldon, John House Lendal
27 Beal, George House Gillygate
28 Beal, James House Bootham Row
29 Bean, William House Bedern
30 Bearpark, Edward Gardens Lord Mayor’s Walk
31 Belcombe, Henry Stephens House Minster Yard
32 Bell, Thomas House Gillygate
33 Bellerby, Henry Land Bootham
34 Belwood, Robert House Chapter House Street
35 Benson, John Sefton House Bootham Square
36 Billington, Thomas House Little Blake Street
37 Bingley, William House and Shop Petergate
38 Blanshard, William House and Garden St. Leonard’s Place
39 Bollans, Robert House and Shop Petergate
40 Bowman, William Buchan House Little Blake Street
41 Bradley, Robert House Gillygate
42 Brook, John House Bootham
43 Brooks, Joseph House Bootham Square
44 Brown, John House Great Blake Street
45 Brown, George jnr House Petergate
46 Bullock, Robert House Bootham Square
47 Bulmer, Rev William House Precentor’s Court
48 Bulmer, Richard House College Street
49 Bulmer, James House Precentor’s Court
50 Burdsall, William House Gillygate
51 Butler, James House Bootham Row
52 Butterworth, Samuel House Gillygate
53 Camidge, Matthew House Petergate
54 Carr, Matthew House Gillygate
55 Cass, John House Grape Lane
56 Cave, William House and Shop Stonegate
57 Clark, John House College Street
58 Clarke, Joseph House Bootham Square
59 Clough, John House and Garden Bootham
60 Clough, John House and Garden Bootham
61 Cockburn, Rev William House Minster Yard
62 Cole, John House Petergate
63 Collier, William House Bootham
64 Cooper, Henry Stables Gillygate
65 Cooper, John House Bootham Row
66 Court, Joseph House Minster Gates
67 Creaser, Matthew House Chapter House
68 Croft, Thomas House and Shop Petergate
69 Croshaw, Cornelius House and Shop Stonegate
70 Cross, John House College Street
71 Cuthbert, Thomas House Petergate
72 Cuthbert, John House College Street

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