York Timeline

71 Romans occupy York
100 In around 100AD a series of ditches were built around the Roman fortress
342 Emperor Constans visits York
626 York’s first bishop
866 Viking army arrives in York
1066 William the Conqueror starts to build two castles in York
1069 The ‘Harrying of the North’ begins
1182 Charter granted to York citizens
1190 Massacre of Jews in Clifford’s Tower
1195 Hugh of Lincoln visits York
1212 King John allowed York to collect their own taxes
1268 Aaron of York dies
1319 King Edward summons Parliament to York
1349 Black Death kills nearly half of population in York
1360 Barley Hall was built
1368 Merchant Adventurers Hall opens
1408 King Henry IV visits York
1453 Guildhall opens
1486 Henry VII visits York
1489 Fishergate Bar bricked up
1509 Hugo Goes establishes his York printing press
1539 St Mary’s Abbey closed down
1541 Henry VIII visits York
1546 York Grammar School founded
1566 Restoration of Ouse Bridge begins
1570 Guy Fawkes born in York
1578 City Gaol on Ouse Bridge built
1586 Margaret Clitherow executed
1606 Guy Fawkes executed
1614 Clifford’s Tower was sold by the Crown
1617 James I visits York
1633 Charles I visits York
1641 Charles II visits York
1644 Parliamentarians attack York
1659 Dame Middleton’s Hospital built in Skeldergate
1668 Coney Street Clock erected
1671 Pavement extended by demolishing some homes near All Saints’ Church
1684 Explosion at Clifford’s Tower
1694 Large fire destroys tens of homes in the city
1698 York lost some of its ancient rights to control rivers in the county
1709 York Racecourse Meeting established at Clifton Ings
1710 Cumberland House built
1716 The inner side of Micklegate Bar was renewed
1717 King gives permission for remains of St. Mary’s Abbey to be used to repair Beverley Minster
1717 Colton’s Hospital established
1719 York Mercury first printed
1722 York Butter Market is established
1724 City Gaol on Ouse Bridge repaired
1725 York Courant first printed
1732 Assembly Rooms built
1733 New Walk first laid out
1736 Eboracum book by Francis Drake published
1739 Dick Turpin hanged
1740 York County Hospital opens
1745 Davy Hall demolished
1745 Repairs to parts of the city walls made with stone from St. Clement’s Nunnery ruins
1754 Archway constructed at side of Micklegate Bar
1759 Fairfax House acquired by Fairfax family
1764 Blake Street widened
1767 Union Workhouse in Marygate opened
1768 King of Denmark visited York
1774 York subscription library opens
1777 Press-gang comes to York
1777 York Lunatic Asylum opens
1782 York Spinning School opens
1787 George Champney born
1788 York Dispensary is established
1795 Prince William Frederick of Gloucester visited York and was given the freedom of the city
1806 Castlegate Postern Lane (now Tower Street) widened
1808 Skeldergate Posten is demolished
1810 Low Ousegate and Bridge Street widened
1812 New Foss Bridge opens
1813 Market Cross in Pavement demolished
1814 House of Correction at Toft Green opens
1814 Fire damages York Lunatic Asylum
1815 Market Hall in Thursday Market demolished
1816 Lendal Chapel opens
1818 Elizabeth Fry visits the city
1821 Low Ousegate widened for second time
1821 Spurriergate widened
1822 Elderly woman killed when falling off city walls
1825 Monk Bar barbican removed
1826 Micklegate Bar barbican removed
1826 Castlegate Postern taken down
1826 Castlegate Lane widened for second time and renamed Tower Street
1827 Fishergate Bar opened up
1827 Cattle Market moved from Walmgate and Fossgate to the current site
1829 York Minster fire
1829 Layerthorpe Bridge rebuilt and postern removed
1829 George Street reconstructed
1831 Bootham Bar barbican removed
1831 Work on St. Leonard’s Place starts
1832 Cholera epidemic reaches York
1833 Parts of the city walls are restored by public subscription
1834 Gale blew off three pinnacles from All Saints’ Church, Pavement
1836 Castle Mills Bridge is widened
1836 Parliament Street was constructed
1838 St. Saviourgate is widened
1838 House of Correction at Toft Green demolished
1839 Railway arrives in York
1844 Scarborough Bridge built over River Ouse
1844 St. Saviour’s Church rebuilt
1848 Jenny Lind performed at the Festival Concert Rooms
1852 St. Margaret’s Church rebuilt
1854 Priory Street, situated off Micklegate, built on the Trinity Gardens site
1854 Burials at York churchyards stopped
1854 York Penny Bank opened
1859 St. Luke’s Fair discontinued
1860 George Champney died
1861 Christ Church rebuilt
1861 Lendal Bridge collapses during construction
1862 Rowntrees founded
1863 Lendal Bridge opens
1867 West front of St. Michael le Belfrey Church rebuilt
1867 George Inn on Coney Street demolished
1868 York Corn Exchange opens
1868 Last public execution in York takes place
1869 City Gaol in Gaol Lane closed
1871 St. Mary’s Church in Castlegate restored
1872 Foss Islands Branch Railway constructed
1876 Two new wings were added to Bootham Asylum
1877 Present York Railway Station opens
1879 Barker Tower became a mortuary
1880 Foss Islands branch railway opens
1880 First tram in York ran from Fulford to Castle Mills Bridge
1881 Skeldergate Bridge opens
1886 City boundaries extended
1889 The city walls from Bootham Bar to Monk Bar opens to the public
1890 New Council Chamber and Municipal Offices opens
1891 York City Council takes over York School of Art
1892 York Art Gallery opens
1892 John George Butcher elected MP
1893 York’s first public library opens
1894 Tolls removed from Lendal Bridge
1897 Sir Joseph Terry dies
1900 George Denison Faber elected MP
1900 York Castle was closed as a civil prison
1906 Hamar Greenwood elected MP
1909 Yearsley Swimming Baths opens
1910 First electric tram in York ran from Fulford to Nessgate
1910 John George Butcher elected MP
1927 New public library opens
1935 Tram service in York stops
1942 York bombed in Baedeker Raids
1955 St. Sampson’s Fish Market closes
1963 York University founded
1975 National Railway Museum opens
1984 Jorvik Viking Museum opens
1984 York Minster fire
1985 York Grammar School becomes Archbishop Holgate’s School
1992 Hugh Bayley elected as MP for York constituency
2000 York floods
2005 John Sentamu becomes the Archbishop of York
2010 Julian Sturdy elected as MP for the new York Outer constituency
2010 Hugh Bayley elected as MP for the new York Central constituency
2015 Rachael Maskell elected as MP for the York Central constituency

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